BEG History

Development history of the BEG portable code generator technology :
1987-1989 Dr. Helmut Emmelmann developed BEG and created a back end for the GMD Modula-2 compiler Mocka on 68k.
1989 BEG's code selection mechanism was presented at the Sigplan PLDI conference in Portland Citations
1991-1995 Helmut Emmelmann worked at the GMD-Karlsuhe (German National Research Center of Computer Science) and the University of Karlsruhe. BEG was extended by global register allocation and instruction scheduling in the Esprit project COMPARE. During this time BEG was used to port Mocka to various platforms, including SPARC, MIPS, and Linux x86 and became a well known Linux Modula-2 compiler. BEG was also used to create commercial code generators for C compilers on SPARC.
since 1995 BEG is maintained and distributed commercially by H.E.I.

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