The BEG retargetable native code generator tool is much more than just portable code generation with a fixed intermediate code, or a pattern matching tool for code selection.

BEG can work with input in a wide range of intermediate representations, from abstract syntax trees to graph-based intermediate representations like Firm. It therefore can easily be adapted to a broad range of compiler environments and front ends.

BEG can generate radically different code generators from the same machine specification, controlled by options. You can select simple very quick code generators or highly optimizing code generators using global register allocation and instruction scheduling.

All generation is guided by a single integrated machine description, which simplifies coding and guarantees the integrity of the whole system.

With BEG you can build high quality code generators in a fraction of the time and effort required for hand writing. The resulting code generators are very reliable, because they are generated from automatically checked formal specifications, using carefully tested components automatically selected and customized by BEG.

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