Code Generation


Since 1995 H.E.I. provides tools (BEG - portable native code generator tool) and consulting in automatic retargetable code generation and develops custom code generator(s).

An (automatic) code generator is a computer program that automatically writes or translates computer programs. There are code generators for native code and for source code. Native code generators are typlically used inside compilers. Source code generators on the other hand are used to accelerate the programming job by automizing it. Typically source code generators are very beneficial when developing a variety of similar programs, e.g. a family of applications that share a common application domain.

The H.E.I. (BEG) tool uses source code generation to build (a family) compilers for various different target architectures (e.g. Pentium, IA-64, ARM, SPARC) and all these compilers include native code generators.

H.E.I. also uses source code generation in the RADpage and heitml products to create applications by composing software components in the web application domain.

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