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H.E.I. Information Systems is specialized in compiler construction, software and code generation, and component oriented software engineering. We sell tools (BEG code generator generation, Firm - Code Optimization and provide consulting on these fields. In addition we use these techniques in the area of web programming to very efficiently create web applications from components. Our web application development tool RADpage is a component oriented WYSIWYG editor for dynamic web applications allowing anybody to compose web application from components.

H.E.I. Successfully Completes the Easycomp Research Project

EASYCOMP Easy Composition in Future Generation Component Systems - is the name of a leading EU funded research project in the area of component oriented software development. In the project H.E.I. received EURO 200.000 of funding for component oriented web technology. Results will probably soon show up in advanced RADpage versions.

RADpage - Rapid Web Application Development

RADpage provides real WYSIWYG editing of Web Applications. In contrast to classical HTML editors, RADpage runs the application while editing and so shows the application during editing as it looks and works for the end user.

RADpage Web Site

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If you have any more questions please email contact AT hei.biz .

For more information about our services in Germany, please visit our German Internet Web Site Mannheim. There you may find more about the topics: AJAX Web Design / Software, Compiler, Compilerbau, Linux, Internet Services, and Webdesign.

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