Compiler Construction Consulting

Since 1995 H.E.I. provides consulting and software development services on various compiler techniques like portable code generation (for machine and source code), code optimization, and on compiler construction in general.

For machine code generation we use automatic generation of back ends using our BEG back end generator code generator technology. For code optimizations we develop custom specific optimizations or use the Firm optimization technology.

These products are derived from cutting edge compiler research of the University of Karlsruhe. Key researchers are now working for H.E.I.

H.E.I. does currently not sell complete compilers. We ususally do provide our technology to compiler construction companies and companies in need of compiler construction technology. So we typlically provide consulting in

  • Machine Code Generation
  • Machine Code Optimizers
  • Code Analyzes
  • Code Optimization
  • Automatic Reengineering
  • Automatic Refactoring
  • Software Generation
  • (Invasive) Software Composition

More information on our services on our German home page Software Engineering, Software Komponenten, Compiler, Compilerbau.

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